Image, reputation and visibility to make your business unique!

Communication is important when it comes to building and consolidating your corporate image . The online and offline presence of your brand must be incisive and in line with the value proposition, for this reason the choice of the means of sharing is fundamental. The work of our team will allow you to consolidate your brand reputation and your identity through the use of a personalized strategy .

We broaden your media visibility through planned actions


We create an effective communication plan on traditional and digital media channels taking into consideration which placements are most in line with your business.


We take care of your communication by writing press releases on your company website and on the main offline and online newspapers


Our team will manage relations with journalists and influencers with a view to increasing your brand reputation.

Sniper services




Influencers represent a new reference model for consumers of products and services. Content creators create a digital stage for your products, and the trust of their fan base translates into increased visibility and sales for your brand .
Creating partnerships with influencers is very important for the communication of each brand, as is choosing the perfect ones to create conversions: we will take care of choosing the influencers in line with your target and your goals.

Our influencer marketing strategy involves choosing the social channels on which to create content, the influencers most in line with the company’s budget and values and the overall management of the brand-influencer activity to transform followers into customers and improve sales of the your product.

Let’s start your new brand reputation project!