Graphic design & Brand Identity.

We support your projects with passion, dedication and creativity.

Our commitment is to find the best and engaging way to tell your company. Our approach is to work to each project as a new creative challenge.

Sniper services

Coordinated image

After a careful analysis, we identify the most appropriate graphic style for your business and your target market.

Logo and color palette are the synthesis of your company. When we work at a new brand identity we only have one unique goal: to make your brand highly recognizible and remembered.

Sniper services


Thanks to photo shoots we can promote products and services by establishing the right connection with your audience.

Still Life, events, architecture, portraits.. We can offer you the best service to reach your goal and satisfy every needs.

Sniper services


Lighting care, high definition equipment, editing and color correction are the main ingredients of Sniper video productions.

Corporate videos, motion graphics, commercials, video… Whatever your need, we are ready to film!

Sniper services

Editorial graphics

We design tailored brochures and packaging to best present your company business and products.

Communicate is important, but even more doing it in the right way!

Sniper services

Social graphics

Our graphic designers passion and creativity is at you service! Our job is to bring users closer to your company, and spread your brand philosophy in the most effective and captivating way.

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