Always use protections: enable two-factor authentication


When you create accounts, it is definitely good practice to enter complex and ever-changing passwords. Often, however, despite following all the guidelines for creating optimal passwords, it can happen that they are stolen or discovered. That’s it, you’re screwed! Someone has snuck into your account and gained full control of your social.

We today reveal how to prevent this from happening and explain an easy-to-implement method.

Surely you have heard of Two-Factor Authentication before, right? In this article we explain step-by-step what it is, how it works, and how to activate it.

What is meant by two-factor authentication?

Also known as 2FA (Two Factor Authentication ), two-factor authentication is a secure authentication method for computer systems and platforms.
It provides effective account protection, adding an extra layer of security and thus making it more difficult for hackers and unauthorized users to gain access. In other words, it makes sure that it is actually you entering your account and not a third party.

How does it work?

As the name suggests, this method involves two steps.
In the first step, the system requires entry of the first factor, username and password, while the second step requires entry of the second factor, an automatically generated numeric code called OTP (One Time Password), which remains valid for a few seconds.

The OTP can be received via:

  • SMS: less secure method
  • Hardware token: secure but more expensive method
  • Software Token, i.e., via specific Apps such as Google Authenticator and Duo Mobile: secure and inexpensive method

How to enable two-factor authentication?

Today, most online services allow two-factor authentication to be enabled.

For example, you can enable two-factor authentication for your Instagram account through the App by following the steps below:
1. Through your personal profile and open the menu in the upper right corner
2. Select Settings
3. Tap on Security and then Two-Factor Authentication.
4. Then choose the security method you wish to add and follow the guidelines.

After this article you have no more excuses. Enable two-factor authentication and protect your data!

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