WordPress easy: write your first article


Welcome to this #SniperAcademy tutorial, in which we will look at a basic first use of WordPress. It will be quick and easy, I promise. Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

The initial bulletin board

The first thing you need to do to write your article with WordPress is definitely to connect to the internal panel, typing in your blog address followed by /wp-admin. Here you will find the bulletin board, a page summarizing all the content on the blog with its statistics.

Home screen of the “Articles” section on WordPress

On the left is the menu with the links needed to access all sections of WordPress.

Under “Articles” you can find the option to see all articles, including drafts, or create one from scratch with the “Add New” option.

The article editor

The editor is divided into blocks and is composed as follows:

  • At the top is the field in which the title of the article is to be written.
  • Below this field and for each block are Upload/Insert buttons, through which subtitles, images, videos, or other files can be inserted.
What the screen looks like as soon as you add a new article

While writing, the toolbar (very similar to the one in Word) will accompany you and allow you to format text, edit it, insert links, images and other multimedia content.


To maximize your performance, you will find two parameters at the bottom of the page: SEO and Readability. Modifications will be suggested to you so as to optimize it in terms of Seo and Readability, precisely. When the two traffic lights in the upper right corner are green, you are ready to publish your article.

SEO parameters and readability of our article on food marketing in the metaverse

To publish the article, simply click on the blue Publish button at the top, while if you want to schedule it, clicking on the Edit button next to Publish Now will bring up the day and time parameters to have it published at the predetermined time.

Well, now that you know how to publish, run off to write your new article.

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