Food Marketing between real and virtual: MetaFood


The metaverse is the new horizon for the future of the web and according to forecasts, in a few years everything will be convertible and available in the virtual universe!

Already today it is possible to exploit the functionalities of the metaverse to carry out numerous activities that have always been closely linked to the real world. Our avatars, in fact, can access many virtual places: not just art galleries and concerts, but real business meetings or training meetings. The trend is to make the virtual experience more and more similar to the real one, starting from the actions we carry out every day, such as eating!

Food and metaverse

Food and beverage branding is an increasingly popular marketing strategy and numerous brands in the sector have become so famous that they are known and recognized around the world. From the best-known restaurant and fast food chains to the now legendary drinks or food brands, there are so many brands in the gastronomic sector that we can no longer do without! With the development of the metaverse, market opportunities grow exponentially and the food industry is ready to dive into this new adventure.

Between Nft and metaverse, there are so many news in the food industry : let’s see them together!

McDonald’s opens in the metaverse

The multinational has announced the registration of ten brands for the opening of two fast food outlets in the metaverse. They will be virtual restaurants that can be accessed via a PC and a viewer, where users can not only live the virtual experience but also buy McDonald’s products in the form of NFTs. The adventure in the metaverse does not stop there: it will be possible to place your order in the virtual restaurant and receive it directly at home!

OneRare creates the “FoodVerse”

The Nft Marketplace par excellence, creates the Foodverse: a space in the metaverse totally dedicated to food in all its forms … even virtual! The Foodverse will be divided into four parts: a farm, a market, a kitchen and a playground. Users will be able to play by collecting ingredients to create new recipes or products, all in the form of NFTs. In addition, customers, in the form of avatars, will have the opportunity to interact with each other and above all with the chefs of the most renowned international kitchens.

Miller Lite opens a bar in the metaverse

During the week of the American Super Bowl 2022, Miller Lite Brewery announced the opening of a bar in the Decentraland metaverse: the “Meta Lite Bar”. You will be able to access the restaurant and interact with both other users and with all the elements present in the bar: obviously provided that you are at least twenty-one years old! But that’s not all: by ordering a personal supply of beer in the metaverse, the user can automatically use it during real sporting events where the Miller Lite brand is present!

When Food Marketing becomes virtual: MetaFood!

The choice to open real restaurants, bars and culinary spaces in the metaverse creates new marketing and expansion opportunities for companies in the food industry. In fact, food and drinks are not just basic necessities, but a real opportunity for socializing and aggregation, both in real life and in the online one! In short, what better place than a bar or restaurant to meet up with friends or get together with your community? 3.0 restaurateurs seem to have the virtual solution suitable for everyone!

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