Love brand: a question of chemistry!


Mystery, Sensuality, and Intimacy: three characteristics that we can hardly do without! In fact, consumers all over the world are inexorably attracted to what deeply moves them and very often let themselves be guided by these at the time of purchase. Emotions therefore play a key role in choosing a brand and who better than love brands can make us smile, desire and intrigue at the same time?

A new philosophy: love and respect

The price of a product, its design, its quality, its distribution and the services connected to it are no longer distinctive elements. In order for us to distinguish ourselves, we need to take a cue from brands that arouse ” love and respect “.

Lovemarks identify those product brands to which the consumer is strongly linked by an emotional connection, a deep bond that penetrates daily life and purchasing decisions; that bond that makes the difference.

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Only emotions induce people to act: in fact what we are about to describe is not just a marketing gimmick, but a real social, habitual and even spiritual transformation.

Characteristics of love brands

Once upon a time there was a great advertising agency… we are talking about Saatchi & Saatchi, the historic London agency that was the first to sense the revolution some brands were going through. Kevin Roberts, CEO of the company, coined the term and sanctioned the birth of Lovemarks , outlining the characteristics that unite them.

We have already suggested them to you at the beginning of the article, but let’s see them in more detail!

Mystery : it is that feeling that is generated when they only tell you a piece of the story or when you have the feeling that someone is hiding a secret from you. Lost and then rediscovered recipes, great stories and sparks of inspiration are just some of the registers used by the brands we love most.

Sensuality : if it is true that our senses are the highway of emotions, using them to stimulate the consumer becomes fundamental. We are constantly and involuntarily looking for what gratifies and stimulates us and we do it through the only means at our disposal: the five senses. Looking, tasting, hearing, seeing or touching allow us to create very powerful emotional connections that very often cross the border with rationality.

Intimacy : of the three it is perhaps the most difficult sensation to reproduce, precisely because it is strictly personal. It can take on different shades, this is true. But if we were to find a universal way to tell what intimacy is, certainly empathy, devotion and passion would be the right words.

A strategy based on passion

By now we know: conversations about brands happen every day, whether the company wants it or not. Consumer communities organize and discuss brands and their products taking into consideration user information, even more than that provided directly by companies. It is therefore time to take action and build a healthy and lasting relationship – without neglecting a pinch of passion – with your consumers.

The basic steps, according to the Consumer Intelligence Talkwalker platform, are:

  1. Giving attention and listening to the customer, focusing not only on their needs but also on their feelings
  2. Find and study the channels of interaction with which consumers can stay in touch with the brand. It is important to develop a strategy that embraces the interaction channels best suited to the brand and the type of communication it wants to maintain with its target audiences.
  3. Start conversations with consumers: they don’t necessarily have to be about the brand, but they serve to give new stimuli and encourage connection
  4. Participating in conversations: we are now a long way from the top down communication models in which the brand was an unattainable character. Listening to your audience, interacting with them and stimulating their opinion are very useful tools for receiving feedback and finding new opportunities
  5. Constantly monitor the levels of engagement and user satisfaction. Everything can change in a single moment: monitoring is the crucial phase because it allows you to manage any critical situations and mitigate the risks of a crisis on social media

All a question of charm

After our journey through the characteristics and market strategies adopted by love brands, it is time to identify someone!


The love brand par excellence? Disney for sure! Loved not only by the little ones, it enjoys a very varied and international audience. The magical world of Walt Disney is in fact able to stimulate the imagination and bring to mind the most beautiful and intimate memories of each of us. With the promise that “Even dreams come true” we all become a little bit like children.

Coca Cola

Maybe because it is the drink of friendship and sharing or because it invented the figure of Santa Claus in a modern way, Coca Cola is the best known and most widespread brand in the world. The feeling of intimacy and affection we feel in front of a shelf full of its bottles is precisely what makes this company one of the most loved and imitated ever.


It made us laugh out loud, shed tears of emotion, jump on the sofa in fear and now we really can’t do without it anymore! The feeling is that this brand knows our deepest desires, that it always knows what story to tell to make us happy and why not, which Hollywood stars attract us the most. Will it all be a question of algorithm perhaps? What we can say is that it is definitely the right one.

If some love brands have a special place in your heart then you are in the right blog ! To find out all the news from the world of marketing follow us on Instagram , Facebook and LinkedIn . We are waiting for you!

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