NFT: the protagonists of the crypto art revolution


Everyone talks about it, but what are the famous NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens , or NFTs, are digital certificates of authenticity and undisputed protagonists of the crypto art revolution . Through the blockchain , a digital register of data that cannot be changed, the uniqueness and ownership of an online work is established.

The NFT market is growing (in the third quarter of 2021 it was worth 10.7 billion dollars) and there are more and more platforms in which it is possible to access to buy or sell these works. In fact, it is known that Meta is also preparing a function on Instagram and Facebook where users will be able to create and sell their “tokens” in a special space , giving other users the opportunity to view their collections and creations.


The Evolution of NFTs

Initially, NFTs were a limited series of concepts, in which the same base was modified and customized by artists and creators. As the metaverse develops, NFTs will take on even more relevance. Everything will be exhibited, bought and sold in the form of NFT creating a new frontier for art, fashion and luxury.

Whoever buys an NFT guarantees the right of ownership over the purchased work. But where are NFT works sold and bought? Let’s see some marketplaces together.

NFT marketplaces to know …

OpenSea is the most popular marketplace dedicated to the NFT world. It is considered among the best because it allows you to create, sell, buy and collect NFTs from scratch .

NFT - OpenSea

SuperRare is one of the best known and most used marketplaces. The peculiarity of the site is given by the exclusivity. In fact, to be actively present on the platform you have to apply and wait in a waiting list: only after acceptance, will it be possible for the artists to put their work on the market.

NFT - SuperRare

MintBase is the platform mainly dedicated to niche NFTs. At the same time, it turns out to be more accessible, everyone can sell and buy various types of NFTs from those focused on visual art to musical ones.


Collections not to be missed …

CryptoPunks is a collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain . This pioneering project was launched in 2017 by Larva Labs studio. It is a series of characters represented in series in the form of pixel-art , all with different characteristics.


BAYC ( Bored Ape Yacht Club ) is a collection of 10,000 unique cartoon monkeys living on the Ethereum blockchain. Through your Bored Ape you will have exclusive access to the Yacht Club , and to THE BATHROOM : a collaborative graffiti showcase, where you can unleash your art.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

CryptoPochi is a collection of 732 mysterious creatures that can be customized according to the mood of their creator, inspired by the legendary video game LocoRoco . An example of NFT in motion: these rectangular creatures move in a chaotic way inside a cube.


WomenRise is a collection of 10,000 works of art created by visual artist Maliha Abidi. The collection represents women from all over the world. The goal is to celebrate and promote the presence of women on the Blockchain. In addition, 2.5% of NFT sales are donated to the international organization Malala Fund , a promoter of women’s education.


CreatureWorld is a virtual space where a collection of 10,000 creatures guide you to an experience based on the imagination of the creator of the project: Jake McEvoy . An example of interactive NFT where you can give vent to your imagination and curiosity.


The crypto art of the Present and the Future …

With NFTs it is possible to create an unlimited series of projects where creators can give space to their imagination and inspire each other, creating communities.

The NFT world opens the doors to a new concept of collecting : the digital one, closely linked to the financial fluctuation of cryptocurrencies which, thanks to NFTs, are gaining more and more popularity, even among users who have no previous experience in this regard.

We at Sniper are already immersed in this world and what are you waiting for?

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