Fashion in the metaverse: the new frontier of fashion brands


During the pandemic emergency, the metaverse gave a boost to all digital platforms and services to explore new possibilities, looking for alternative ways to keep sociality alive and continue to carry out activities that the rules of social distancing prevented, such as the project of Meta Horizon Workrooms.

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The metaverse announced by Mark Zuckerberg, in his mission to rebrand the company that has become Meta, seems to be taking the “game” to the next level. His vision is truly revolutionary, as is the presentation video . His challenge is to broaden the horizons of a world that already potentially has no limits, remaining faithful to the original goal that first guided Facebook and now Meta to connect people.

Opportunities from the world of gaming

Everything comes from the world of gaming, which itself offers immersive and engaging experiences. The collaborations between Balenciaga and Fortnite are well known, in which you could customize your avatar with branded gadgets. Or always the close collaboration between Fortnite and Travis Scott , who performed in concert in the form of a hologram in front of more than 12 million players connected at the same time.

The metaverse will therefore be a non-place where you can imagine how you want, the space of infinite possibilities and equal opportunities, which cancels the inequalities dictated by distances, social identities and limitations of the physical world.

Fashion Brand in the metaverse

Many fashion companies have already approached this reality which will inevitably become the new frontier of fashion in marketing.


Gucci is the brand that is most committed to this front, with several collaborations under its belt. Already in May 2020 and February 2021 he collaborated with “Tennis Clash”, a tennis video game, and with Zepeto, an app and social platform that allows you to create virtual worlds and customize your avatars. In both cases, it supplied Gucci digital clothing and gadgets. In the spring of 2021 he raised the bar by creating an entire branded virtual world within Roblox, an RPG where everyone can create their own world and interact with other players. In their own world, called ” Gucci Gardens “, players could access it with their avatars and buy digital items for their avatars to wear. The interesting and particular fact is that each avatar “absorbed” the colors and patterns of the elements with which it interacted, making the experience truly unique.

The multimedia exhibition universe that explores the creative vision of the brand


Nike has also created a virtual “city” in the metaverse of the Roblox platform, called Nikeland. In this space it is possible to buy and wear Nike digital products in the digital showroom, but also to test one’s skills by creating and participating in new games and challenges; Nikeland’s motto is “Dream It, Do It, Play”.

The brand also announced the acquisition of RTFKT, a brand of virtual sneakers and NFT (Non Fungible Token), digital items that thanks to blockchain technology have a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness, confirming the company’s interest in wanting to enter and establish itself. in the metaverse ecosystem.

Nike collaboration with RTFKT


With Nike in the game, the historic rival Adidas could certainly not be missing. The famous German brand thus announces its entry into the metaverse on 2 December 2021: ” it’s time to enter a world of unlimited possibilities “. And we can’t blame him! Adidas unveiled its first collection that merges real and virtual objects in the form of limited NFTs in mid-December, and new ones will soon be available in the course of 2022 on The Sandbox platform.

A character from the Bored Ape Yacht Club series with an Adidas suit

From entertainment experience to shopping experience

The shopping experience becomes more and more immersive and digital: you can enter a virtual showroom and proceed to an experience that ends with the actual purchase of a product that is delivered to your home. Just think of Dolce & Gabbana with the Genesi collection consisting of 9 items in the form of NFT, it was sold at auction for about 5.5 million euros.

Target? A tailor-made experience

The volume of data and metadata that can be generated and collected in the metaverse are far greater than those that can be acquired on the world wide web. The quality of the data is also very different: there will even be the possibility of being able to acquire where the user’s gaze rests or the movements that a virtual helmet and future Internet of Things (Iot) devices will be able to collect or the user’s emotions. same. It will lead to an even more personalized and tailor-made experience.

Involvement, immersion and fluidity are the foundations on which all the campaigns that will appear in the metaverse will be built. Intrusive advertising will be replaced by real experiences aimed at increasing engagement, retaining and strengthening the relationship with old and new potential customers. Just like we do at Sniper, we try to make your experience with us engaging and professional. Browse our services and find the one that’s right for you, we’ll take care of the rest.

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