5 reasons to invest in online advertising


For those who have a business, the end of the year means having to deal with an infinite series of numbers and data. The question marks that follow are innumerable: How much have I grown professionally? What went wrong? What can I improve? What are the good resolutions for the new year?
These are just some of the questions that echo in the minds of entrepreneurs across the boot, from North to South, without distinction. But among these questions, there is one that interests us particularly today:
How much did you invest in advertising and how much return did you get?

Specifically, we want to focus on online advertising . But what is meant by online advertising? This definition includes all those services that have promotional purposes, the purpose of which is to increase visibility on the web. Here are some examples:

  • Web marketing consultancy
  • Creation of websites and e-commerce
  • Realization of logos
  • Management of your social media (social media management)
  • Creation of promotional photo and video content

If you want to improve your results in 2022, online advertising must necessarily be an arrow in your bow. Because? We explain it to you in 5 points:

1. Advertising is 100% deductible

The expenses related to all those services listed above are fully tax deductible . That’s right, 100% . To be deductible, these expenses must meet the criteria of competence, inherence and certainty. They must also necessarily be the result of the agreement between the parties.

Clear isn’t it?

2. Let’s talk about investments

Sponsoring your online business is not an expense, but an investment . Nowadays every business, even the small to medium-sized ones , has an online advertising budget and it’s easy to understand why. Everything comes back with the interests . New customers, higher profits and a strengthened reputation in your target market.

3. Be there

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have realized the importance of being present online . How many e-commerce have been opened in the last two years and how many social pages have begun to flourish or reborn, in order to stay in touch with customers and discover new ones? A new awareness is emerging: being present on the web pays .

4. Keep up with the competition

More and more online purchases: a trend that began in 2020, which 2021 fully reconfirms. E-commerce grows globally by 58% and data traffic on online shopping sites increases by 27%. Citing the Salesforce report ( Shopping Index 2021 ), Italy is the country that has grown the most from this point of view, in fact we reach + 78% of open e-commerce .

5. An advertising agency all to yourself

Nowadays many services are decentralized , you can even think of having an outsourced advertising agency that works for you all year round, for a more than affordable amount. You will have at your disposal many professionals with different specializations, web developers, graphic designers, social media managers and adv managers, with a single shared goal: the promotion of your business.

We are undoubtedly in a historical period in which advertising investment has never been so convenient. 2022 is upon us and if you want to get off to a flying start by boosting your business , take a look at our services!
You can contact the Sniper team at any time for a free consultation.

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