Ecommerce SEO: Climb to the top of Google


If you are not among the top positions you do not exist !”. How many times have you heard this phrase when it comes to Google? Several studies have shown that being first on Google means receiving about 30% of all clicks . By adding up the first three positions, about 60% of clicks are enclosed. This implies that very little visibility remains for the following positions, not to mention the second page. The same data is also found on mobile.
How to improve visibility and increase clicks on your website? Let’s find out together the importance of climbing the top of Google thanks to SEO .

Conquer Google with SEO

There SEO is the set of all activities that have the goal of improve the visibility of a website and be present in all searches related to your business that potential customers can find on search engines. Google was the first search engine to give importance to user needs, showing which pages are most likely to be liked. For this reason, one of the activities of SEO is the study of the Google algorithm.
In relation to this aspect, there are two fundamental elements that can be taken into consideration when it comes to SEO:


The Title Tag is the HTML code that generates the title of a website and is immediately visible on the search engine. It is an important part of the SEO strategy because it makes the site visible and defines its content and relevance .


The description meta tag is identified with a piece of text that allows you to give more explanations on the content of the website, as a sort of preview . This element does not directly affect SEO but is useful for encouraging clicks and the number of views that indirectly affect its positioning.

E-commerce: strategies for the right communication

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Optimization is important not only from a point of view of visibility. On the one hand, the SEO works with a view to strengthening the reputation of your business because if the site is at the top of Google, it gives the impression of having a relevant activity: on the other hand, optimization makes your earning potential because it allows to increase clicks and, consequently, increases the number of visitors and potential customers willing to buy.

Let’s consider 5 factors that allow you to position your e-commerce at the top of Google :


It is necessary create content that meets the needs of potential customers. In relation to this aspect, it is useful to pay attention to the choice of keywords . The latter represent a specific research area and are the first step in the implementation of SEO because they help to understand what users are looking for online . For the success of SEO, we aim to evaluate concepts that are not too generic , but not too specific . The case of niche products may be different. According to the Long Tail Theory , more income could be produced by using a lot of specific keywords .


In addition to the keywords, to describe the products it is necessary to evaluate the writing. Content has a lot of importance for SEO and for your site. In fact, search engines, such as Google, are able to read the text of a document and give it a quality and relevance score . For this reason, it is important to have useful, interesting and above all unique content. Finally, natural and engaging writing is recommended.


Images are particularly relevant to SEO. First, you need to name the photo files with keywords that allow them to be easily tracked by the Google algorithm. Also useful is the Alt Tag , which is the text that is displayed when the user fails to load the image right away. Finally, the size of the photos is a central aspect of having a quality site.


The speed allows users to enjoy a smooth browsing experience . If Google finds the pages slow it will give a low score, sliding down the search results. Furthermore, this aspect could lead to immediate abandonment of the site, dissatisfaction of potential customers and a lower conversion rate.


Reviews represent new and continuous content for your e-commerce with huge benefits. Reviews give the possibility to guarantee a better online positioning thanks to the use of keywords that identify the products, driving traffic to the site. Finally, a further factor that is taken into account from an SEO perspective is permanence . In this case, the more reviews there are, the more likely it is for the prospect to stay on your site to inquire.

Are you amazed at how many aspects can improve the visibility of your site? With the right SEO you can get even more income !

If you want to give your brand the right value from an SEO perspective, contact the Sniper team for a free consultation . Take advantage of the upcoming holidays to get to know, sell and acquire new customers.

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