Photos and videos for your business: do-it-yourself is no longer enough


Have you ever thought that to create good visual content the latest generation phone and the effects of Instagram may not be enough to improve its performance? By now, taking pictures has become part of our daily life. For this reason it is interpreted as a natural and almost banal gesture; yet, that’s not quite the case.

Whether it’s for your website, for your e-commerce or for your social networks, never ever underestimate the power of your photos and videos.

The first look is what matters

The communicative power of photos is often greater than that of texts because they constitute the first impact on a website or a social page. It is true that you do not choose a book from the cover and with the cascade of images to which you are constantly subjected, you could underestimate the importance of the quality of the contents. However, the eye wants its part and it is necessary to recognize the importance of making and sharing professional visual products .

Involve, not just hit

The job of photos on a website or social profile is not just to impress the audience with content. Through images it is possible to involve , excite, entertain, immersing your audience in a real storytelling . Furthermore, the photos help to improve how one is perceived and characterize the identity of a brand in a unique way, managing to transform the customer into a real “fan” of the brand.

Do not you believe it? Here are some specific examples .


Let’s consider an e-commerce site. This is one of the many cases where the lack of professional and quality photographs is a major deficit. In fact, if the products are not enhanced through a curated catalog of photographs, the user will hardly be led to buy online. Furthermore, not only do images make purchases easier but are also useful for improving the positioning of the website, since Google and other search engines are able to index the content of the photographs inserted within the pages as well.

For example, how many times have it happened to you to immediately enter and exit an e-commerce if the product images are not well presented, have a single perspective and are not very detailed?


As for a company website , the visual content enriches it thanks to photographs that can relate to the company’s headquarters and activities but also to the staff in order to create a relationship of trust with its customers. Here, too, the quality of the photos is essential if you want to present the company in a professional and authentic way. In addition to social networks, the site is the business card , the tool that is useful for making yourself known to potential customers. In fact, in web design we speak of Hero Image to indicate a banner that is usually found at the top and center of the page. This element has become one of the fundamental characteristics in the communication within the site because, basically, it aims to offer a general overview of the contents and it is the element that must be able to hit the potential customer in a few seconds.

For example, would you decide to rely on a company that presents inconsistent images on its website, blurred in the background and with little informational and emotional value?

Social network

In the case of social networks , a spontaneous question may arise as to why the need to publish photos that are professional. The important thing is to publish right? In reality this is not the case, especially when it comes to social pages concerning brands. Now, when you know a brand through the website, you are led to immediately look for how it looks on social networks. There are some factors that create greater engagement and allow you to stand out within the social world: a coherent line in the publication of posts, the quality , creativity and spontaneity of the images.

For example, let’s consider a brand that sells clothing and decides to take advantage of social media to present its products. Would you choose to follow her Instagram page that publishes simple images without conveying the values and emotions of the brand, as well as not making the fit and usability of the clothes?

A professional shot

To convey emotions and engage your audience it is necessary to keep in mind some fundamental aspects when choosing the right photographs:

  • The light
  • The positioning of the subject
  • The background
  • What values do they want to convey

One click is enough for a photo but, thanks to experience , a professional photographer can increase the value of your brand. In fact, often having a latest generation camera or a smartphone does not mean being able to take professional photos independently if you do not have the right notions and this could damage the image of the site or social profile.

As Massimo, our photographer, says, the role of photos is so important that it should not be underestimated because not only the first impact depends on them but also the positive opinion of users who can decide to choose that brand.

Do you want to find out what Sniper offers to make your visual content professional, stand out and outdo your competitors? Contact our team . If you want to stay updated with other curiosities, visit our blog and follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Linkedin .

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