Sniper Recommends: Marketing films, series and documentaries


How many times have you dived into the libraries of your favorite streaming platforms to look for something interesting, but despite your best efforts you have ended up in a spiral of boredom and “already seen”?
The Sniper team has scoured the web for you in order to find films, TV series, documentaries that address the great themes of marketing and advertising , thanks to which you can explore the boundaries of our profession and, why not, inspire your side. creative.
Well, we have selected 5 interesting visions ranging from different genres. If you really want to enter the rabbit hole and let yourself be amazed by the world of marketing, let’s start without too much delay.

The founder (film, 2016)

marketing film

The film tells the story of the controversial and charming US businessman Ray Kroc , the founder of the McDonalds chain . A biopic that keeps us glued to the screen, in which we see an unfortunate but skilled seller of blenders, discovering a new “fast food” restaurant model thanks to the historic McDonald brothers. The film shows a business and marketing model at the dawn of its brilliant history. The “Founder” has always stressed the importance of advertising and public relations , since these levers “eventually return with interest”. It is he himself who affirms: “A child who likes TV commercials and takes his grandparents to McDonald’s brings us two more customers. This is a direct benefit generated by the dollars invested in advertising, but the skeptic does not appreciate this because he wants his cake and eaten “ . Words spoken at a time when advertising was still viewed with prejudice and distrust.

“I know what you are wondering. How does an elderly 52-year-old who sells milkshake blenders become the founder of a fast food empire with 1600 restaurants and a turnover of 700 million dollars? One word: perseverance. “

What is this film about?

  • Sales techniques
  • Public relations
  • Disruptive business models

The story of content: rise of the new marketing (docufilm, 2016)

documentaries on marketing, advertising, creatives

The story of content is a documentary produced by ” The Content Marketing Institute “, which has the specific objective of explaining what content marketing is today and what its prospects are for the future. The film makes an excellent excursus on the history of advertising and on how its rules have been upset by an increasingly fluid and globally connected society. All told in first person by the protagonists and by the people who have been at the forefront of the evolution of marketing .

“This business is almost closer to art than science. You have to be able to identify a good story when you see it, tell it and know how to entertain”

What this documentary is about:

  • Content marketing
  • Brand identity
  • Digital revolution and web 2.0

Mad Men (series, 2007-2015)

series on marketing, advertising, creatives

The highly acclaimed series, which has become a cult in recent years, tells the story of some Madison Avenue advertisers of the 1960s . The series perfectly frames the role that the advertising industry played over an entire decade, making fun of and playing with the stereotypes of those turbulent years. Note the maniacal precision with which the creator of the series has reproduced the creative process of some very famous advertising campaigns , just mention “Pass the Heinz” to come across a memorable example of advertising persuasion.

“You know what they say, it’s the medium that makes the message”

What this series is about:

  • How an advertising agency works
  • The creative process
  • Evolution of advertising

Art & Copy (docufilm, 2009)

creatives, marketing

As in the previous documentary, everything is narrated by some marketing giants . Here American slogans and advertising campaigns are pitted, such as ” Just Do It ” or ” Got milk? “. It is a fantastic journey into a world full of creativity, anecdotes and surprises. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the winning ones , is what Richard Silverstein (one of the most influential American advertisers, no longer in business) affirms, who espouses a philosophy he named “Brutal simplicity”. Little more to say, the individual professional experiences of the participants in the documentary are worth watching .

“Creativity can solve anything. Really, anything!”

What this documentary is about:

  • Creative copywriting
  • History of advertising
  • Integrated communication concept

Thank you for smoking (film, 2005)


The film is a comedy that deals with a rather thorny subject for those involved in marketing. The protagonist, Nick Naylor , is a lobbyist who works as a representative for the tobacco multinationals , so his job is to get people to smoke. It is shown how the power of persuasion is even more effective when faced with ambiguous situations from an ethical point of view, in the gray area between what the protagonist experiences as “good” and “evil”. Ethics in marketing opens up to a thousand questions and as many reflections.

“Tell me, do you like your job, Nick?”
“Yes sir. It is stimulating, it is a challenge. If you make it with tobacco, you will make it with everything.”

What this film is about:

  • Ethics of advertising communication
  • Persuasion in marketing
  • Lobby and monopoles

If you decide to watch one of our recommendations, the next time you come across a simple advertising spot or an adv on your social networks, you will certainly see it with different eyes .

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