Sniper recommends: 5 books to get back to the office


A few weeks ago, before the summer holidays, the Snipers recommended reading for you to spend the days under the umbrella lightly. Do you remember the article ?

This time, however, the team recommends the perfect books for returning to the office and starting the working season on the right foot . We chose a book for each sector of the agency, he told us he read it.

Let yourself be carried away by the experience of the Snipers , follow us throughout the article and discover the secrets for the office that we have learned by reading them!

Copywriting: Scripta Volant by Paolo Iabichino

Scripta Volant is a splendid text for reflecting on the digital evolution we are experiencing. The network, social networks and, more generally, the digital world have greatly influenced the art of writing. The way of writing has changed to sell, to advertise and to communicate any message. A useful book for returning to the office.

Massimo, Copywriter has read it:

“Paolo Iabichino explains in an exceptional way the sensations that have been felt for some years in this professional field. This book gives food for thought to actively adapt to the revolutions that the digital paradigm entails. A copywriter needs to be up to date to write and he needs to read this book ”.

IT: Clean Code by Robert Cecil Martin

Digital businesses are increasingly based on a solid software structure . The code with which it is written must be functional but also designed according to the “agile” principles to optimize the work. Clean Code is a useful manual to keep track of good programming practices after the summer holidays.

Luca, Chief Information Officer, read it:

“IT professionals know the difference between working code and working code that is also well written . It is difficult to calculate how many hours of work are saved by treating a code written according to the “agile” principles. As with the Snipers, I recommend Clean Code to anyone wishing to get an idea about it “.

Sales: Neuromarketing by Martin Lindstrom

Today selling is more and more complicated due to the saturation of the market and the vast possibilities of choice that every consumer has at his disposal. All salespeople and marketers rely on psychology and neurology to maximize the outcome of their efforts. Martin Lindstrom explains which psychological processes lead people to say yes.

Valeria, Corporate Sales Account Manager read it:

“As crude as it may be to apply psychology and neurology to marketing, sales and commerce in general, this book is very useful for getting back into the office. I believe it is always useful to reflect on the potential that other disciplines offer to our sector . Knowing the purchasing behavior of consumers is essential to carry out this work in an ethical way towards the public “.

Marketing: This is Seth Godin’s marketing

Must have written by one of the faces of modern marketing , Seth Godin. “This is Marketing” is a book that every student, professional or enthusiast should have read for its author’s expertise in the field. A modern manual written in direct language that will give new life to the return to the office.

Sara, Head of Marketing read it:

“The name of Seth Godin should be enough on its own to justify reading this book that talks about marketing in a modern way. If that were not enough, we can add that Godin manages to describe marketing as something that is good for people , helping them to satisfy their needs, despite common prejudices “.

Graphics: Cromorama by Riccardo Falcinelli

A book that deals with design and art focusing mainly on the importance that colors have in people’s perception. Colors are one of the main weapons that designers have to break through the hearts of the public by attracting attention at first glance .

Simona, Art Director read it:

“We often tend to underestimate the importance that colors have in design . Riccardo Falcinelli tells how they have always been historically fundamental in the perception of people. Starting from politics to get to advertising on television, colors have always been able to condition messages and are, for this reason, a seductive detail of the art of design. If you are a designer, you cannot go back to the office without having read it! ”.

Go back to the office with an extra gear

Here are the ideal books to return to the office with the motivation to the stars and to make more and more. Starting over after a break period is never easy and for this reason it is important to stimulate your motivations and constantly update yourself.

Did you already know the books recommended by the Snipers and have you already read them? Or would you recommend others?

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