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Also this year you deserved your vacation . After so many tiring and pandemic-scarred months you are about to enjoy the sun, the waves, the beach and seafront dinners. But have you already thought of something to relax in the hot afternoon hours ? We Snipers do and we are ready to recommend our selection of books to read under the umbrella .

Holidays are the perfect time to disconnect from the daily grind and dedicate yourself to what you don’t have much time for during the working months. A good book can give you new food for thought for your life, or help you enter new unexplored worlds. Here is the personal selection of some of our Snipers!

Read on to get to know us better!

Book under the umbrella: “For ten minutes” by Chiara Gamberale

For ten minutes ” is a perfect book to read under an umbrella. Chiara tells how scary, but necessary, the change is. And it shows how, one minute at a time, it is possible to return to life. What is the solution to stop being afraid, get out of a difficult time and get back to really living? Break out of the box and do something completely new for ten minutes every day and thus find yourself living and making decisions in unknown and stimulating contexts.

Simona, Art Director recommends it:

“I can’t say that I tried to put into practice all the advice of Chiara Gamberale, but it was certainly a food for thought on my daily life . Exploring completely new life situations leads to growth. It is a light but profound reading that certainly helps to end the holidays with a different spirit ”.

Book under the umbrella: “For all the rest of my mistakes” by Camilla Boniardi

Camilla Boniardi, influencer better known as Camihawke, writes a romance novel based on the potential fears and difficulties of every woman. The insecurity and sense of inadequacy of Marta, the protagonist of the story, are the obstacles on the way to a new awareness .

Sara, Head of Marketing & Digital Communication recommends it:

“Camilla Boniardi (Camihawke) is a talented influencer and writer who has been able to make her followers fall in love with her personality and also with Marta, the protagonist of her novel. Marta, we are all of us, with her insecurities, fears, imperfections. A triumph of self-analysis, depth of thought and feelings.

As a social media professional I am happy to be able to appreciate a novel by an influencer who uses his visibility and voice on social networks to have his say and convey a positive, fun and profound example of life. I highly recommend reading! ”.

Book under the umbrella: “Hand luggage only” by Gabriele Romagnoli

It is Gabriele Romagnoli who writes this novel that wants to make us reflect on what is really important . In the story, the hand luggage of the great traveler becomes a metaphor for a model of existence that sees in “losing” a form of wealth, which solicits freedom from needs, which does not fear deprivation of the “without”, to live light . It is definitely one of the books to read under the umbrella according to the Snipers .

Massimo, Copywriter recommends it:

“I read Romagnoli’s book reflecting on how important it is to travel light, be light and live light. Each of us should only put in the hand luggage of our life what is really important and necessary. It is a reading to do on vacation to return with the right attitude “.

Book under the umbrella: “Oceano Mare” by Alessandro Baricco

Novel about the sinking of a French frigate in the ocean. The characters are extravagant and are the protagonists of particular events, where the sea is the metaphor of existence.

Sara, Head of Marketing & Digital Communication recommends it:

“A timeless book, rich in philosophy and truth. Perfect for a reading by the sea. A book that, in addition to thrilling for its plot, enriches with new philosophical and existential ideas thanks to its surreal protagonists “.

Book under the umbrella: “The revenge of the black sheep” by Diego Cusano

For the Snipers it is a truly graphic and motivational book . It is a moral support for those who feel outside the box and always against the tide. For those who always limit themselves to following the masses, it could represent a stimulus to act creatively. Diego Cusano advises how to cultivate one’s originality with this freshly published book.

Simona, Art Director recommends it:

“A newly released book that could end up under many umbrellas besides yours. A real source of inspiration for anyone who does not want to be satisfied and has often fought to stand out and achieve important goals for their life . A simple and smooth reading, it will adapt perfectly to moments of summer relaxation and you will find ideas on how to cultivate your uniqueness, nourish an alternative vision and carve out a corner of the world tailored for you, always with an eye on creativity and graphics! “.

And you, what will you read under the umbrella?

There are many books to read under the umbrella, but we are convinced that our advice can serve you as a starting point to spend some moments away from everything and switch off. Also thanks to these we hope that you can return to everyday life with a new spirit.

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