Sentiment Analysis: artificial intelligence in Marketing


Does the term ” sentiment analysis ” sound new to you? Probably not, but do you also know all the artificial intelligence that makes this activity possible? Read the article and find out.

Sentiment analysis, for opinion mining friends, is nothing more than an activity with which to extrapolate the user’s opinions from the text . Let’s find out together to understand its importance.

sentiment analysis

Social media and sentiment analysis

To remain competitive in the market, all brands rely on sentiment analysis and incorporate it into their routine marketing activities . The term refers to the analysis of user-generated content on the web, which includes comments, posts, tweets, articles, reviews and other textual elements .

These text contents always contain opinions that can have a positive, neutral or negative meaning . Each of these meanings is determined by a tone of voice, an intensity, an emotionality and a relevance. All this translates into the need to implement a specific communication strategy to meet the needs of the public.

Indeed, sentiment analysis on social media is used to conduct market research. These are useful both in the planning phase of a communication campaign and in the monitoring phase . They are used to verify the need to correct a message that does not perform as it should after publication.

4 applications for sentiment analysis

  1. Market research: the in-depth market research carried out by marketers is essential to position yourself correctly with your offer. Social media requires messages based on the needs of the recipients and sentiment analysis is one of the main practices to rely on to collect data and information .
  2. Brand reputation : one of the marketing sectors in which sentiment analysis is most useful is that of reputation . Checking the opinion of the public on social networks is essential to evaluate one’s reputation and improve it by leveraging key messages designed to correct the aspects that the audience is not satisfied with.
  3. Consumer feedback : the performance of your products and services can also be monitored through sentiment analysis on social channels. In the event that a detail has not been appreciated by the public, an analysis of reviews and feedback can give a brand the information it needs to meet consumer demands .
  4. Crisis prevention : the last field in which it is useful to rely on sentiment analysis is that of crisis management . Every brand must be prepared to better manage an upcoming media crisis. Public sentiment on social media is a very important clue to predict the consequences of a problematic situation and manage it better.

artificial intelligence marketing

The artificial intelligence software behind sentiment analysis is constantly evolving. These sophisticated algorithms belong to the field of Machine Learning , and allow the autonomous learning of machines.

A good part of the texts published online, in fact, easily lends itself to more than one interpretation, requiring a lot of precision. The challenge of software is to better understand the communicative intentions of a text , which also includes situations of irony and ambiguity.

With the focus on algorithms and tools, sentiment analysis might seem like a completely automatic activity, but it isn’t. It is always necessary to have a professional who knows how to correctly interpret the data obtained .

An example of sentiment analysis: case study – Eni

To provide an example of sentiment analysis , let’s see the data collected by Eni on citizens’ Twitter conversations. The Italian brand has published a study on sentiment recorded immediately after the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The focus of the study is the emotions of Italians on different aspects of the period. Starting from the masks, to get to the sensations about the future. In the case of this study, Eni carried out the analysis in its own Communication laboratory: Eni Datalab.

sentiment analysis marketing

Sentiment analysis and its software

In the marketing sector, many services allow for amazing results. In particular, the professional suites of IT giants such as Amazon and Google are able to process huge amounts of data , allowing sentiment analysis to be almost completely automated. Let’s see together the 4 main tools!

artificial intelligence


  1. AWS Amazon Comprehend : ad hoc software integrated into the Amazon Web Services service package, is a powerful tool for sentiment analysis. Amazon’s algorithms process text to extract insights from social comments, reviews, articles and web documents. Without requiring specific IT skills , Amazon Comprehend allows you to obtain essential information on which to base your communication strategies.
  2. Google Natural Language AI : in line with its main competitor, Google offers a software dedicated to sentiment analysis within its suite, Google Cloud Platform. This professional services system includes Google Natural Language AI which leverages the artificial intelligence of the API Natural Language tool for marketing and communication of its customers. Also in this case, the algorithms allow to obtain the data without having high-level skills in the sector.
  3. Talkwalker : a decidedly less well-known brand than the two already mentioned, Talkwalker offers professional solutions for those who work online. Its Social Listening tool allows you to “listen” to social media to achieve various marketing objectives . Talkwalker has a sentiment analysis algorithm that is rated industry-leading by Forrester and G2Crowd . In this case, artificial intelligence plays a role of fundamental importance also in order to automatically return market trends, future projections and the forecast of any crises .
  4. MonkeyLearn : Another moderate-sized brand that leverages artificial intelligence for marketing purposes and offers a specific service for sentiment analysis. The tool is called Text Classifier and can be integrated with third-party apps to obtain customized results according to business needs . This tool is even simpler and more essential than the previous ones and allows you to perform sentiment analysis of texts online and in real time.

Artificial intelligence for your business

Artificial intelligence is one of the most incredible frontiers of technology and, when applied to marketing, it allows you to reach business objectives with ease. Common website and social campaign management platforms already use these algorithms. As intuitive as the results are, they must always be processed by competent professionals .

Were you fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence and the results that a sentiment analysis can bring? Contact the Sniper team to find out how to use it in your business.

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