Persuasion in Marketing: the 6 principles of Cialdini


Have you ever heard of persuasion in marketing and persuasive communication ?

Every marketing specialist knows that leveraging psychology can boost sales performance . But what are the dynamics with which this happens?

Let’s find out how and why we end up saying yes.


Among the many scholars who have addressed the subject, the explanation of Robert Cialdini stands out, developed in his famous book ” The weapons of persuasion “. The psychologist and marketing professor at Arizona State University identifies 6 principles of persuasion . These universal points are the basis of our brain’s automatic responses when it undergoes certain stimuli.

We do not know much about the psychological principles that activate these processes, but by applying them to communication it is possible to bring others closer to one’s own vision of things. Robert Cialdini tells them through practical examples, frequent in marketing and in everyday life.


The first of the principles identified by Cialdini is that of reciprocity . We don’t like being in debt and if we receive a gift or favor from someone, we are likely to reciprocate by accepting their requests . Time plays an important role in this psychological process and, for this reason, an immediate request should follow the favor.

Free trials are the classic example of marketing persuasion that exploits this principle. Trying a service without incurring costs makes us indebted to those who granted it to us.

A gift can be a tool of persuasion


Another peculiarity of our behavior is the search for consistency. We do not like to change decisions and once we have taken a position, we tend to keep it in order to act in line with our values. For this reason, expressing an opinion or taking an action conditions our subsequent choices to have a positive perception of ourselves.

Labeling , for example, is a marketing strategy that works when the salesperson qualifies the recipient in a positive way. In order not to disappoint expectations, the latter will be inclined to act according to the will of those who labeled him , consenting to his requests.

Persuasion in marketing exploits a cognitive bias, an automatism of our brain that gives us a distorted perception of reality under certain conditions. The bias of sunk costs , for example, pushes us to engage in inexpensive projects on which, however, we have already invested resources that we cannot recover.

Persuasion in marketing is often achieved by leveraging the consistency of people


It is curious to see how we love to stand out from the masses, but we suffer terribly from the judgment of the community when we do. We particularly care about our reputation and always want to be liked by others. The principle of social proof demonstrates that, in situations of uncertainty, we make decisions shared by many, avoiding the risk of suffering a negative judgment .

Persuasion in marketing often works through this principle. In fact , many brands display sales stats and positive reviews to encourage consumer choice.

difficulty in making choices other than the crowd


What is rare is more desirable . We are poetically drawn to difficult achievements and what not everyone can achieve. The scarcity of a good or a service in which we are interested creates in us the need to possess it immediately, because doing so satisfies us. Scarcity triggers its persuasive effect when a product is in short supply and also when the time to obtain it is limited .

In marketing, there are several persuasion strategies that can exploit this principle. Limited editions and timed offers are examples of persuasive marketing strategies geared towards immediate purchase.

Limited-time offers are a powerful marketing persuasion tool


It is not only the information that matters, but also who or what communicates it. We more easily accept the requests of those we like or are similar to us because a positive bond is created with the interlocutor.

The psychological process that is triggered is called the ” halo effect ” and explains how aesthetic appreciation leads us to find other qualities pleasant as well. The website , the logo and the packaging are therefore powerful tools of persuasion, because aesthetics conditions the perception of the product .

principles of persuasion: sympathy on packaging


Cialdini’s last principle of persuasion is also the most effective. When a proposal is presented by an authoritative figure , the chances of accepting are higher due to the deference we feel towards him. There are many clues, true or false, that make us perceive a person as authoritative: uniforms, educational qualifications or special titles. These details convince our brains to trust the skills of an authority more .

Marketing persuasion strategies recommend the use of authoritative figures for the promotion of goods and services, for example by using popular testimonials with influential opinions .

The dress can give a sense of authority


Following these principles of persuasion in marketing is essential today and brands rely on communication professionals to correctly measure their use . The goal is to remain competitive in the market and persuade without using coercion and deception . The priority should always concern consumer satisfaction through honest and transparent communication to build a positive brand identity and a solid relationship with your audience.

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