Each of us has a personality that distinguishes him from the others and makes him unique. Similarly, a brand must identify a marketing strategy by shaping its identity on the basis of archetypes, to distinguish itself from competitors and position itself correctly in the minds of consumers.


If you are a careful observer, you will have noticed that we approach different situations with a basic philosophy that sets us apart.

This is because our personality, however peculiar, can be enclosed in some primary archetypes , which the scholar Carl Gustav Jung has defined based on the human psyche and taking into consideration styles and ways of living of people with their sets of habits, fears and talents.

With the mixing of psychology with disciplines such as marketing and corporate communication , the concept of archetypes has been increasingly exploited by brands that choose one on which to base their storytelling.

Yes, storytelling, because choosing an archetype means maintaining a communication consistent with your values and, through all channels, establishing a deep connection with the target audience so that they can find themselves in the life stories that brands tell.

Taking into consideration that the studies on the subject are constantly evolving, we have decided to tell you how the brands have expressed their identity by following their principles.

The archetypes identified are 12 and each one is able to trigger different emotions; the four fundamental ones for Jungian psychology are identifiable in independence, change, belonging and stability.




Brands that identify with this archetype immerse their audience in an atmosphere of trust and positivity . Often the images used are emblems of purity and the goal of their actions is to produce a positive influence.

Mulino Bianco , an Italian brand that has always made goodness and purity two cornerstones, certainly identifies with this archetype. Its commercials feature peaceful climates, the protagonists communicate calmly and the faces are always smiling, as if to recreate a child’s dream . Even the choice of words always falls into semantic fields of goodness and positivity .



This archetype characterizes the identity of brands that are always in search of the truth and suggest how to find it. Intelligence and competence allow the “wise man” to guide the public towards ever growing knowledge .

Google is the perfect brand to describe a communication based on knowledge thanks to the huge amount of data that characterizes its products and services. These numbers allow the American giant to use an omniscient tone of voice towards its users who have the ability to get the answers to any question.

Even the resolutions for the future follow the same philosophy, given the constant attention to artificial intelligence and DBMS software .



The identity of the explorer is that of a person who loves freedom , cannot bear limits and continually tests himself to discover new horizons .

The ambition that distinguishes this archetype makes it prone to adventures and sports, especially extreme ones.

Red Bull is the emblem of exploration beyond limits ; sponsor of all major extreme sports and guinness world records, the brand uses a language that is a source of inspiration for anyone willing to test their strength .

The claim “ Red Bull gives you wings ”, combined with the huge open spaces that often appear in the brand’s campaigns, perfectly represents the “no limits” idea.



Strength and courage : not only an encouragement, but also the two main adjectives that qualify the archetype of the hero. Such an identity makes people always ready to use their abilities to pursue a higher and morally just good . They do not spare themselves and tirelessly seek ways to defend the weakest .

Nike falls into this category: the brand has always mobilized to combat discrimination using words that refer to sacrifice in favor of a high ideal. In addition to their social communication, the popular equality campaign “ Dream Crazy ”, launched in the United States, also demonstrates this. Sports stars like LeBron James and above all Colin Kaepernick are protagonists of the campaign and brand ambassadors.


Not all of us are prone to politically correctness and strict compliance with the rules; certainly not the archetypes defined as rebels. This personality is typical of those who love to go against the tide and target a nonconformist audience using very strong and sometimes aggressive communication.
Diesel ‘s identity is based on a communication designed for those who feel rebellious at heart . Most of the time it is aimed at young people who find society monotonous and want to live unconventional experiences and beyond the rules. The archetype is aligned with the figure of the outlaw and this is demonstrated by the “ Be Stupid ” campaign which compares, in different visuals, the life of those who are considered intelligent to that of those who are labeled as “stupid” by the masses.


That of the magician is a surprising identity , he loves to give unexpected solutions to his audience and offer innovative solutions to the problems of everyday life. He is proud of making the impossible possible and making things happen, he is a good personality and therefore well regarded by everyone. The only fear, however, is the case in which unexpected consequences follow the actions of a magician.

Apple is one of the wizards of our world, this archetype is particularly suitable for technological and digital brands. The bitten apple logo is the protagonist of brilliant campaigns that literally make objects and problems appear and disappear, thanks to Apple devices that are treated as the magical object capable of providing superpowers to the user in his daily life, creating a winning storytelling. . The metaphors chosen are often imaginative and refer to fantastic realities, such as the one used to present the new Apple AirTag , a gadget that allows you to find lost objects.


Archetype in which many could reflect themselves even without realizing it, the common man lives and aspires to a peaceful, real and safe life .

The brands that identify themselves in this archetype try to set up a transparent and simple communication : the advertising campaigns show fragments of daily life with the aim of showing normality and enhancing it in its simplicity.

Ikea embodies this archetype in the best possible way, adopting a simple and conventional communication. It is proposed as a guide for building one’s own reality on the basis of solid values that allow a better life day after day.


The lover is recognized at first glance for the elegance, the class and the refined language . Romanticism is not the only peculiarity of this archetype which is also a seducer, always able to choose the right words to involve and excite the public .

Müller is the lover’s identity par excellence and uses slow and persuasive communication , set in extra-luxury locations to reinforce the message. Always brought to the limit of lust, the public is especially tempted by the claim “Make love with flavor” that has distinguished the brand for years.


He is the archetype with the funniest identity of all, he never spares a joke, loves to smile and make his audience smile by making them part of a group. He lives every moment to the fullest, with an enviable energy, involving with a contagious sympathy .

M & M’s aims to distinguish itself from competitors who use more serious communication and sets its campaigns on irony and self-irony, making its snacks come to life .

As a sponsor of Juventus, the 2018 M & M’s commercial was based on ” not eating teammates “.


A caring and kind personality type, he cares about the well-being of others and makes responsible choices thanks to his wise and conscious identity.

The generosity of this archetype allows us to know how to listen to audiences and offer them reliable solutions .

Allianz has always set up corporate communication on protection for those who need it most. The famous commercial of the insurance company is proof of this, thanks to the altruistic images in which the brand metaphorically shows the sun in the gray and unfortunate days of its customers.


The archetype that comes closest to the world of art is that of the creator. Fantasy and the search for innovation are two fundamental traits of a personality that is embodied in visionary people with the ability to stimulate the creative potential of the public . The great imagination that he possesses makes him averse to mediocre and banal visions .

Adobe is perfect to represent the identity associated with this archetype, being a brand known for its innovative solutions suitable for artistic and digital contexts . Its communication, similar in some respects to Apple’s magical one, is centered on creativity and its power to inspire creative minds .


If there was a motto for each of the archetypes, that of the sovereign would be “power is not everything, it is the only thing”. Leadership is in their DNA and they have a constant need to have control over the world around them, or rather, below them. The tones are authoritative and clearly identifiable with those figures who actually have a role of power .

Mercedes-Benz , the market leader in many segments, uses this archetype and is proud to offer its customers a means to feel sovereign on the road as well . The language of the campaigns is essential but impactful to suggest that not many words are needed to clarify the determination necessary to be the master of the game .


Brands today shape their identities by mixing different traits of these categories and creating new archetypes.

We have introduced you to the top 12 and we are sure that someone has caught your attention more than all the others.

In your opinion, which are the most interesting? Share the article on social networks and let your friends know!

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