Sushi and social: when sushi becomes instagrammable


Today we tell you that it is international sushi day without telling you that it is international sushi day. Sushi mania lands on social networks.

Let’s start from the beginning …

Sushi as we know it was born around 1800 in the streets of Tokyo from a stall that sells it as street food.

The evolution in the form we are used to takes place in the 1950s when a restaurateur, to reduce costs and make it accessible to all, invents the formula ” Kaiten-Zushi “, literally “sushi-revolving”, or with dishes transported on rollers .

Since the 1980s, the Japanese specialty has also conquered Europe with Sushi Bars, which are well suited to new Western trends, attentive to healthy nutrition and calories.

Sushi and social

Sushi in Italy

In our country the first sushi bar opened in 1977 in Milan with the name “Poporoya”, Japanese translation of “people’s house”.

There are more and more lovers of “sushi-night” and this is demonstrated by the data collected in the last year by Deliveroo which recorded a 134% increase in sushi-based orders placed through the platform. The top 5 Italian “sushi lovers” cities that have used the service the most in 2021 are: 1) Mirandola, 2) Nuoro, 3) Grosseto, 4) Gorizia and 5) Verbania.

Sushi is social

Restaurants throughout Italy stir up the passion for sushi by focusing on social visibility to reach the interest of customers.

In October 2018, This is not a sushi bar , a Milanese restaurant in the Porta Romana district, launched an innovative campaign based on Instagram followers .

The initiative consisted of posting a photo of the sushi course ordered, tagging the place to get discounts. From a thousand to 5 thousand followers you get a free dish, from 5 thousand to 10 thousand if you get two, from 10 thousand to 50 thousand four, eight if the customer has between 50 thousand and 100 followers. The influencer who has more than 100 thousand will be able to eat whatever he wants without spending anything.

“The numbers of what has been renamed” Instagnam “are very good: we are talking about over 7 million people reached by the posts of 133 influencers, between a thousand and 50 thousand followers who have consumed at the tables from October to today”, explains Matteo Pittarello, one of the two founders.

Sushi and social

Sushi & go , a take away place in Palermo, also adopted a similar promotional formula in 2019 : the more followers you have, the more pieces of sushi you get.

The reason behind this success is the “instagrammability ” of sushi, which is not only good to eat, but also beautiful to look at, elegant and colorful. Sushi is social because it can be shared with diners, usually the dishes are abundant, mixed, to be exchanged to try new tastes.

Sushi is creativity on social media

Often restaurant and influencer profiles publish entertaining content featuring the Japanese specialty to create virality and engagement.

An example of sushi creativity is that of NeKo Sushi, a Roman brand that has more places around the capital. The restaurant’s Instagram profile uses high-impact visuals and effectively combines photographs and graphics to create original posts.

Sushi and creativity
Instagram creativity

Sushi is liked so much that it also becomes the outfit of the influencer Kweilz and his family that surely gives us a great sympathy!

Instagram influencer

We like sushi at Sniper because:

  • it embodies creativity
  • sushita emotions
  • brings virality
  • it is useful for socializing (on social networks and not)

What do you say, so let’s sush?
Contact us to create your creative social project: we will compose your communication project by wrapping your goals, your target and your social networks in a roll full of creativity.

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