The Municipality of Milan has published the announcement which provides for contributions to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the trade, catering, tertiary and craft sectors located within the territorial areas of the Urban Districts of Commerce (DUC) of Milan. The grants that can be obtained are non-repayable, equal to 50% of the approved spending program and in any case not exceeding the amount of capital expenditure, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros. Furthermore, spending programs of less than 1,000 euros are not eligible.

Non-repayable contributions

You can request non-repayable contributions if your company:

  • it is duly constituted and registered in the Business Register .
  • has an active operational headquarters with a window or access to the premises from the street level.
  • it is located in the perimeter of the nine Urban Commerce Districts of Milan, namely Brera, Buenos Aires, Galleria, Giambellino, Isola, Navigli, Sarpi, Ticinese and XXV Aprile.

You can access the call for applications and apply for contributions even if your company is still in the planning phase , as long as it is launched by September 30, respecting the criteria mentioned in the previous points.

For what expenses are the non-repayable contributions envisaged?

Expenses (net of VAT and other charges) incurred starting from 5 May 2020 and to be incurred by 30 August 2021 are eligible. In the list of those in the capital account , among the many expenses listed, are included those of:

  • “Creation, purchase or acquisition through multi-year license of software, IT platforms, smartphone applications, websites, etc.”.

With regard to current account expenses , however, you can benefit from contributions for:

  • annual fees for the use of software, IT platforms, smartphone applications, websites, etc .;
  • costs of promotion, communication and information to businesses and consumers (printed materials, publications and announcements in the media, communication on social networks, etc.);
Non-repayable contributions

How to apply for non-repayable contributions?

The grant application must be submitted (from 12 noon on 1 June) by 12 noon on 30 June exclusively in electronic form through the platform of the Municipality of Milan . Only one grant application for a District can be submitted. The applications received will be evaluated with the “counter” procedure based on the chronological order of receipt.

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