Distant but ever closer, thanks to imagination and above all to technology. Many of the main museums that have closed their doors due to the health emergency have found a way to continue showing their works of art during the lockdown: let’s discover together the online museums, their virtual tours and the crowdfunding projects born for support them.

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The new frontier of immersive art

Since 2020 our life has changed and, inevitably, we are too. We had to adapt, rethinking in a closed and static environment like our home, despite being used to constantly moving in different places. One of the areas that has been affected is certainly the world of art, in all its forms. Thus, to create leisure situations, most museums have reinvented themselves online by creating virtual tours .

Thanks to the immersive visits, with videos commented by the experts, and thanks to the interactive visits that are effective for the reproduction of 3D environments in which the user can navigate, people have been allowed to forget for a moment that they are on the sofa and have fun as they would done in the norm.

Immersive art, virtual tour

Online museums: an artistic journey just a click away

Ready for a journey through art and territories sitting comfortably on the sofa at home? Street!

Thanks to online museums, all problems linked to space-time dimensions are eliminated . We can then visit the Louvre and then decide to stroll through the halls of the Archaeological Museum of Athens , or get lost in the antiquities of the British Museum , enjoy a Canova Experience and take a look at the Egyptian Museum , all in the same day!

The most convenient solution to have many virtual tours at your fingertips is certainly to use the Google Arts & Culture platform, where art at home has found its dimension . This wonderful virtual showcase of the main museums in the world, through the “explore” function, allows you to enter every day in a different monument or museum among the many available.

Online museums, virtual tours, art

The platform also provides interactive experiments for users, such as structured 360 ° videos of the most famous exhibitions and real structured virtual tours such as the street view of Google Maps. Plus, the more you browse the site, the more recognition you get, just like in video games. If you want to become an online museum explorer now is the right time!

Online museums, crowdfunding

Let’s start from art – Crowfunding a GoGo

The advent of online museums was a natural consequence of the situation in which we found ourselves, to grasp the best of the tools available. Online use must continue to be valued and supported. Fortunately, there are numerous crowdfundings currently active to restart the museum sector. Here we list some initiatives that we have selected from Italy and the world:

  • The Club Silencio, through the project (re) live the museums , has launched a crowdfunding to revive the sector twisted by the health crisis. Those who make a donation receive free vouchers to spend during their events in the museums. By doing so, the world of culture, eager to start again, will receive a new push, to find us offline and not only in online museums.
  • Who has never heard of Cocoricò of Riccione? Yes, the famous nightclub closed for a few years has launched a crowdfunding project to start again in a different way. It will no longer be just a nightclub, but a real museum. The “Museo Discocratico” will host works ranging from video art to performances, photographs and sculptures. However, you will have to wait for at least the reopening of the indoor discos.
  • To go outside Italy, to be precise in Oxford, a fundraiser is being organized to buy the house where Tolkien lived, the famous writer of ” The Hobbit ” and the ” Lord of the Rings ” trilogy. For all fans of the adventures of Middle-earth, the “Project Northmoot” is an opportunity to contribute to the creation of the first museum dedicated to the writer, in a house that certainly has a high emotional value.

Crowdfunding, online museums
JRR Tolkien’s home in Oxford ©

Whether they are online or traditional museums, the chance to admire and appreciate art, in all its forms, is one of the most enriching for us all. And what do you think of online museums? Do you have any other crowdfunding project to report? Write it in the comments!

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