Sniper supports the “Learn By Playing” project: the fundraising that makes the difference.


The pandemic so far has shown the present very clearly and has prompted many people to seek solutions that can improve their own and others’ futures. Then, there are also those who have always sought these solutions and never stopped doing it. It is the story of “ Il Faro – families beyond disability” , a non-profit association of Claudia Vincenza Cordorelli and of “Impara Giocando”: the fundraising that makes the difference. A project that we care about and that we will continue to support with passion.

The birth of the “Learn by Playing” project.

In May 2018, Mattia underwent a specific neurosurgical intervention for the treatment of infantile cerebral palsy (PCI): selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR). Thanks to the preparation of Prof. Tamburini, neurosurgeon of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, and to the most modern technologies at his disposal, the operation is successful. Mattia, after an initial period of convalescence, can finally begin his recovery path. After surgery, spasticity is reduced, but the muscles become very weak and a loss of function may even occur initially. Rehabilitation is essential for recovering muscle strength and control and for improving balance and walking efficiency.

“Today the children suffering from CP are constantly increasing …” – Claudia tells us – “… And the rehabilitation services, unfortunately, are not efficient enough. This is not meant to be a criticism of the institutions, but a simple and sincere observation of the facts. My son has been in therapy for two years now and as a mother and carer I can say with certainty that the structures and therapies adopted are not sufficient “.

Claudia wants all children and young people to have a life worth living. So he decided to found, on March 5, 2020, the non-profit association “Il Faro – families beyond disability” based in Sant’Agata li Battiati (CT). The fundraising of the ” Learn by Playing” project was born from the critical thought of Claudia who supports:

“To date, throughout the territory of the Sicily Region, there is no gym that can provide for proper rehabilitation, in order to improve the quality of life of the child and his loved ones. I therefore decided to found Il Faro to start a fundraiser for the construction of a new center that can house a gym, a swimming pool, a multisensory environment and all the useful services for proper rehabilitation “.

The project aims to become a source of physical, psychological, cognitive and sensory therapy and rehabilitation also for those suffering from different pathologies, such as muscular dystrophy and ALS, to name a few; for this reason the Il Faro association must be considered a project of all and for all ! The association, in fact, is supported by a Technical Scientific Committee of professional doctors (psychologists, psychomotricists, physiotherapists, neuropsychomotricists of the developmental age, pedagogues and neurologists) who will deal with the whole therapeutic aspect of children and also with an equally important aspect. important: the support of families .

Fundraising that makes the difference …

Although it is a structured project, which makes use of health professionals and a cohesive group of volunteers, the road to get to the construction of the center is still long. Unfortunately, there are not many economic resources and everyone’s help is needed.

Sniper has volunteered to create the website, online from 8 March 2021, with the hope of giving visibility to a noble project that needs to be disseminated. Here is the website link >>

With the awareness that each of us can contribute to the well-being of the other even through small gestures, you too can support the project of “Il Faro” together with Sniper!

Discover the fundraiser: Learn By Playing Project – Easter 2021

Support the “ Il Faro ” association with fundraising – Easter 2021 .
Choose a special gift among doves or supportive Easter eggs to stay close to you and your loved ones during these holidays and at the same time help those in need.

Your donation will be a gesture of great support. The entire proceeds will go to contribute to the “Il Faro” project, for the construction of a specialized center that guarantees effective rehabilitation for all children.

Book the doves or the Easter eggs in solidarity by email or at the dedicated number by 24 March and you will receive your home directly! For any doubt you can contact the association “Il Faro” at 347 093 0752 , even simply via WhatsApp or by email [email protected]

We go beyond problems to create solutions. Together.

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