Digital marketing: discover the 7 trends of 2021


The new year has just begun and looks interesting. For sure, we will be forced to re-evaluate many aspects of our life, not only social, but also working. The professional world, in fact, follows and changes on the basis of events and changes in social paradigms. Thus, also for digital marketing . Or perhaps, it would be better to say “especially for digital marketing”, since it is a sector that depends a lot on society and the changes that go through it. So, in light of these considerations, what could be the 2021 trends in digital marketing?

Digital marketing: discover the 7 trends of 2021

Talkwalker and Hubspot conducted a research, reaching out to nearly a hundred experts worldwide, to identify the trends for the year just started, from which they built a report , also using statistics and data. Let’s analyze the main ones.

The 4Cs of Covid-19

Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus has had a great impact in the life of each of us. From a personal, as well as professional and social point of view. And, as a consequence, communication has also started to evolve and will continue in this direction during 2021. Specifically, the 4Cs of Covid were identified in the report: community, contactless, cleanliness, compassion. These are and will be the four elements that will influence digital marketing, tone of voice and the construction of strategies, in every area.

Nostalgic marketing

In line with the 4c of Covid-19, nostalgic marketing will increasingly depopulate. This type of communication has already had great success in 2020, especially in the phase of total lockdown, since, of course, people regretted the freedom before the outbreak of the pandemic and nostalgia acted as a glue, even from a distance. In 2021, it will proceed in this direction, even if it is not necessarily attractive to all types of targets. Regarding this trend, in the aforementioned report, Miriam Bertoli – Digital & Content Marketing Strategist – stated the following: «Optimism and positivity evoke good feelings from the past, development of a sense of community and strong social commitment. I think these are the 3 key themes in 2021. And they are natural responses to the sense of loneliness and uncertainty about the future ».

Need for authenticity

Always in the wake of the events of the past year, which generated strong insecurities and a great need for confirmation , in 2021 there will be an increasing demand for clean , true, authentic communication that transmits valuable content. There is a growing need to feel that we are dealing not simply with a brand and a company, but with people who exist behind the company. Dealing with a more human marketing, especially after long months in which it was possible to cultivate the virtual rather than the concrete, human and authentic aspect.

Greater exposure: yes to live shows

In the wake of previous trends, the demand for more live content is projected. This is because it is a way to appreciate the veracity of the brand and make people feel greater closeness , in times when it is difficult to stay next to each other. Not to mention that live products allow greater public / brand interaction.

Gaming and virtual reality

Another fact that can be seen in the report by Talkwalker and Hubspot is the way in which the users of online games have increased in the previous year. Naturally, the need and the duty to stay at home allowed this incidence. This trend began in 2020, but is destined to continue in 2021, welcoming more and more new players, passionate about the world of virtual reality .

Sneakable and sneak peek content

In a society where information is constantly swarming, flooding the web and the days of each of us, the demand is growing to access news, news, updates quickly and easily . Therefore, sneakable contents, which are “easily usable” ones, such as memes, gags, gifs, infographics, quotes. Equally requested will be the sneak peeks, which act as a small anticipation , allowing only to peek at the complete content.

Buying from social networks

Get started with comfort! Less sociability implies a growth in online purchases . But, many ideas derive more from social networks than from other sites. For this reason, it will be increasingly important to allow users to buy products directly from social pages, without even going through an e-commerce.

These were the 7 trends of 2021 in digital marketing, identified to date. To not miss all the news and find out which other trends may be of interest in 2021, visit our blog !

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