Blue Monday: the origin of the saddest day of the year


Since 2005, Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, is considered the most melancholy and sad day of the year.
But will it really be like this?

It is called “Blue Monday” , and is considered the saddest day of the year . The origin of the saddest day of the year, so melancholy and all English, is to be found in a mathematical equation. Cliff Arnall , tutor at the Center for Lifelong Learning, an education center linked to Cardiff University, has found the formula for calculating the blackest day of the year . Here she is!

Blue Monday 2017 meaning of a hoax passed off as scientific for years | UrbanPost

This formula takes into account variables such as the weather, feelings of guilt for the money spent during the Christmas period, the drop in motivation that occurs after the holidays as opposed to the growing need to get busy .
And here we are: the third Monday of January is the saddest day of the year.

Do you know what the origin of Blue Monday is?

The “Blue Monday” was invented for a Sky Travel advertising campaign in 2005 and the equation used to calculate it (there are at least two versions of it) does not make the slightest mathematical or scientific sense.

Cardiff University has long since distanced itself from the aforementioned Cliff Arnall as his study was created to analyze the consumer trends of travel company customers.

Sky Travel used the Blue Monday “hoax” in at least two promotional press releases. The first in 2005 and the second in 2009, despite the growing number of denials on the veracity of the concept promoted. Repeatedly, the theory of the saddest day of the year is exploited by many other brands to incentivize their customers to make purchases .

Every day is a good day for marketing, but Blue Monday even more …

On the day of Blue Monday, the marketing strategies that can be applied to your brand are really many. The important thing is to never lose consistency with your tone of voice and with your identity.

A good example from which to take inspiration is Lavazza’s post published last year. Through a video game we are told how, thanks to the energy of a good coffee, it is possible to defeat the sadness of Blue Monday.

The origin of the saddest day of the year: Blue Monday - Lavazza -

Even the post by Forst, a well-known German brewer, managed to get us a smile thanks to his cute pun.

The origin of the saddest day of the year: Blue Monday - Forst -

It is said that shopping is a good medicine against bad mood, besides chocolate of course, so it is the right day to entice your audience to buy.

Kick off promotional creativity , but if you want virality remember to focus on the quality of the content to advertise your products and services.

The mystery behind the origin of Blue Monday is revealed and Sniper sees a stellar error 404 on the saddest day of the year …

Blue Monday

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