DIGITAL OUTDOOR: The 6 apps that will make you say: “How beautiful summer is!”


We are finally ready for the holidays! And if it is true that this year is a bit special, it does not mean that we have to give up comfort and fun.
Are you ready to discover the 6 applications that will turn your summer around?
Come on then let’s go!

1 – Your Beach

Coronavirus has revolutionized the way to go to the beach. Each region has equipped itself with different applications to reserve sun loungers, umbrellas and in some cases even free beach spaces.
Among the many Apps that operate at a regional level, there is one that stands out because it extends the booking service to the entire Italian peninsula, including the islands: YourBeach .
In addition to booking, based on the availability of the beach, you can also order a table , a meal and possibly share the umbrella already purchased with other people every other day, so as to save on the cost of the holiday.
Another not obvious and noteworthy feature is the app’s ability to report bathing facilities that can accommodate people with motor disabilities and, for those who do not want to leave their four-legged friend at home, even those that are animal friendly .

2 – Get My Boat

If after the first few days of relaxation, between a bath and a sleep under an umbrella, you have finally recharged your batteries and are ready for a new adventure, Get My Boat is the application that you absolutely must download on your phone.
The app works exactly in Airbnb style with the difference that, instead of houses, you will find yourself looking for a boat for a day trip or, why not, a week.
Once you have decided on the location you can choose from many options: from windsurfing to dinghy, from motorboat to sailing boat and, if desired, also yachts.
In most cases you will come into contact with private individuals who provide their boats and equipment to offer group experiences such as trips along the coast, diving and windsurfing courses.

3 – Wikiloc

Are you tired of being beached all day under an umbrella? Do you prefer sport and adventure?
Then open your eyes wide because we are about to introduce you to the App that will leave you speechless.
It is a space where you can discover and share the best outdoor routes for cycling, hiking, mountaineering, climbing, via ferrata, 4×4, motorcycle trails and much more.
It is a community of 6,432,085 members who have explored and shared 17,565,672 outdoor routes of all kinds and to help you in the study and choice, have published a beauty of 31,276,275 photographs.
This is Wikiloc , the absolute leader in this kind of applications. 7

4 – Re-Open EU

Do you want to leave the Italian border but are worried about the Covid situation and do not know what the restrictions and rules of other countries are?
Here comes Re-Open EU to your aid.
Thanks Its easy to understand aspect, the use experience is simplified: you will find
an interactive map to select the country you want to visit and have all the updated information to plan a trip in total safety.
Re-Open EU will tell you if you can access that particular country, if there are restrictions on travel within it, which means of transport you can use and which places to visit, if there are prohibited areas or restrictions.
You will also find a list of hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, archaeological sites, museums and places of worship open to tourists. The states colored in green are those that have completely reopened the borders, while the yellow ones have done so with some limitations.
This application is aimed at all European countries so if you intend to move outside you will not find the information you are looking for.

5 – WalframAlpha – sun exposure

Raise your hand if you have never burned under the sun.
Avoiding getting burned in the summer must be rule number one in order not to risk ruining your holidays by being confined under an umbrella or, worse, closed at home making ice packs and chamomile tea.
The solution to avoid this is WalfarmAlpha , the app that calculates how long you can expose yourself to the sun without burning yourself, based on your skin type, geolocation and the type of sunscreen you may be using.
A real help for everyone, not just for those who are more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

6 – Fotoservice Easy Print

If you too have no free memory on your phone when you come back from vacation… Welcome to the photographers’ club!
Someone will reply that it would be enough to upload the photos on social networks to avoid clogging up your device but some photos, often the funniest, are not very “ instagrammable ”, aren’t they?
A good idea, with a vintage charm, could be to print them. But who to turn to?
With the free application of Fotoservice Easy Print you can do it directly from your smartphone!
You can choose to edit the images using filters and other editing tools or decide to keep them in their original version. With this App you can immediately print your photos from your gallery but also from your Facebook and Instagram social profiles.
With Fotoservice Easy Print this summer will literally remain etched in your memory and beyond!

Now that you have discovered the 6 unmissable apps for this summer, all you have to do is leave, relax and have fun. Ah, don’t forget to tell us how it went and above all to let us know if you have used other interesting apps on your trip!

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Massimo Rotelli

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