Social & Communication at the time of COVID: discover the new trends.


From Instagram direct to train, to Skype Calls to celebrate friends’ birthdays, to Influencer marketing in tourism: this is how the communication universe has transformed after the lockdown .

Did it happen to you, in full pandemic, to attend a friend’s graduation online or to celebrate grandma’s birthday on Skype? If so, everything is normal or nearly so.
In this period we have changed our habits, the way we work, eat , shop and even see friends . The whole communicative universe has changed and with it also its tools and strategies

But in what way?

Keeping up-to-date, feeling close, taking care of your body (and your stomach!) Were some of the needs and activities that affected us during the emergency period.

According to the study by The Fool and GWI Global & Italian Research , on average 35% of Italians watched more news , while 24% were face down on social media .
The Internet and social networks have been safe places for us, because they did not require any physical contact. They were our squares, our fake bars, our gyms.

37% of the interviewees in fact recognized a social role to social media . Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, to switch between WhatsApp, YouTube, Zoom and Skype we felt a little less alone and more united among us (remember #iorestoacasa?).

On the other hand, however, even the brands have had to adapt to the new everyday life . Let’s analyze together the most popular communication trends of the period.

# Trend1: Content Is the King!

More users who have more free time by generating more content, what follows? Fierce competition!

During the pandemic, we witnessed the so-called hunt for the last follower on Instagram . The “social of photos” was stormed and found more saturated than ever. How to stand out in the midst of such a full feed? With good content! The most skilled brands have captured attention with good copy, a captivating and original visual and a perfectly fitting call to action. Here comes the good old Bill Gates rule : content is the King !

The tendency is to go more and more in search of concreteness and values, especially in this moment in which the distinction between those who have something important or original to say and those who don’t are evident.

A couple of examples?

@imenjane (economist) in the photo, @ Avvocathy (lawyer) and @ Robivil (journalist with a degree in medicine) who in recent months, sharing their skills, have literally taken off.

# Trend2: The live shows? Love and hate relationship.

Another #trend of the quarantine was the streams. There have been all kinds, all tastes and sometimes too many. There are those who shared their culinary passions , some their workouts and even those who just talked and that’s it. Among the most popular are those for keeping fit and for cooking but, even in this case, those who provided valuable content stood out, united by a good dose of irony.

This is the case of Michelle Hunziker who from her Instagram profile (@ therealhunzigram ) shared with her followers training and tips for having the very famous #ironciapet.

Positive and negative implications of live broadcasts:

If during the emergency the live broadcasts for brands were tools capable of entering even more into the consumer’s everyday life , allowing them to experiment with a new method of entertainment and interaction,
with the resumption of “normality” , the time to devote to stories in real time has clearly decreased .

# Trend3: TikTok conquers Boomers and Millenials

Thanks to the celebrities who have spread the perception of TikTok as the “place to be”, a large slice of users has moved to the platform of millionaire Zhang Yiming. In fact, TikTok recorded a surge in new subscribers, exceeding the 2 billion downloads quota in the first quarter of 2020 (source Sensor Tower , an analysis company).

The favorite social of generation Z has seen the arrival of waves of Millennials and even many Boomers. The reason is simple: TikTok offers a place that can escape the monotony and the rules. Whether it’s a ballet, lip-sync (the exercise of moving your lips in time to pre-set audio) or short comic sketches, everyone will be able to find content that grabs their attention.

Whether on Facebook , Instagram or TikTok , the presence on social networks has become even more important for companies and you, are you ready to make a good impression?

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Sniper Team

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