COVID-19 and social media marketing strategies


Reformulating your social strategy, during the quarantine imposed by the pandemic, becomes a priority for companies that use it and want to survive the tremendous economic crisis that is about to hit us all.

Both the tones and the contents must change because people use social networks mainly to talk about what is happening to their loved ones and friends and companies are tolerated as an unpleasant guest.

And, in this period, fear of disease and information related to the pandemic dominate almost every conversation on social networks. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid catastrophic tones and generate contents that are able to create sharing on practical information in support of health and consolidate one’s Brand by creating cohesion with anxious users by throwing water on the fire of fear.

It is also important not to interrupt the Marketing campaigns and ADVs in progress, the temptation of silence must be fought if you do not want to permanently disappear from the collective imagination of the web. Instead, it is time to consolidate interactions on social networks by increasing, or at least maintaining the level of engagement of their social networks.

The crisis will pass and the recovery will be easier for those who will be ready tomorrow because they have been able to resist today.

Francesco di Francesco
Area Manager

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