The rediscovery of the centrality of the internet


Finding ourselves confined at home with most of the companies closed, and deprived of many freedoms and services that we took for granted has given us a new awareness: the importance of the internet! Thus bridging the gap that separates Italy from many advanced countries, in the digital revolution, has become a priority of the state and the government.

Proof of this is Article 79 of the Cura Italia decree aimed at telephone operators and broadband networks, with the aim of supporting the peak of internet traffic but with the, not secondary, effect of accelerating the digitization of our country.

How can we fail to consider what our life would be like in this period of forced isolation if we were deprived of internet access: from the effects on school to information (net of fake news), entertainment, work (smart work) would be everything much more difficult and we would be forced to return to an era in which television was the only remote sharing tool, as in a sort of journey back in time.

All of this will have a significant effect on all communication and marketing activities. Companies, businesses and professionals who will equip themselves with appropriate digital communication tools and will be able to improve their presence on the web through their sites and social pages that they have or want to equip themselves with, will emerge before others from the economic crisis that we are experiencing. awaits the end of the pandemic.

The economy has strict rules subject to the law of supply and demand.
Today the activity of Web Marketing is becoming more and more crucial to bring together supply and demand in a world crossed and contaminated by the “World Wide Web“.

Francesco di Francesco
Area Manager

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