Digital Marketing in the time of the coronavirus


Companies should have the ability to adapt their market strategies to extraordinary circumstances that may arise. When a global event occurs, such as the pandemic in progress, it is necessary to apply an analytical approach to the situation and understand how consumer habits have changed in order to understand which principles to assign to one’s Marketing activity.

We must be convinced that Marketing is not an ancillary activity but the strategic commercial center of every company, and companies that have understood this simple principle and have converted their commercial activity by accessing the web to promote their products and services will have less difficulty in recover from the current crisis.

An example of the correctness of what is expressed is the growth of online purchases which, in this last period, has registered an increase of 80%, which means that people have stopped physically going to stores but have not stopped buying products. , the restaurants are closed but those who are equipped for home deliveries continue to sell their dishes. Another important part of web business is the right communication. If traditional activities are at a standstill, you need to be able to communicate with your present and future customers, for example, through social media or streaming events, continuing to promote and maintaining contacts.

Therefore, as today, Web Marketing must never be understood as an essential growth tool for companies that want to remain anchored to the market and not simply to their products or services.

Francesco di Francesco
Area Manager

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